Super soft, milk cotton yarn

Little Crochet Box helps you discover the right milk cotton yarn for your creations and delivers them to your door.

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  • Unbeatable quality

    We work directly from top-rated manufacturers, so we can sell the finest quality yarn at the very best prices.

  • Delivery to your door 

    We’ll bring your yarn to your door, anywhere you need us.

  • All the help you need

    We have plenty of crochet patterns to keep you inspired. Need a hand? Our crochet queens are always on call.

Decorate your home with crochet

Yarn weaves warmth into your home. Style a side table with a potted cherry blossom or an adorable corgi

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  • Same as always, great quality, soft and smooth yarn. doesnt get caught on my hook and usually glides right off. also i cannot state just how SOFT this yarn is its amazing! Totally worth the wait time!


  • Very good pattern! I had some problem understanding one part and the maker made a video for me, showing me how to do it. Highly recommend this!


  • This yarn is so lovely to knit and crochet with. I made a Christmas cardigan with it and the colours are nice and vibrant and it knits up really well. Plus the cardigan is really nice and warm which is important for me! Can definitely be used for both clothes and toys.


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